Welcome to Polycoin ecosystem

A next evolution project on Binance smart chain Launched, swap, wallet, built new exchange

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Polycoin Ecosystem
Polycoin Ecosystem
Unifactory cover
Polycoin multichain DEX Swap

0.01% - 99% each trade

Polycoin swap dex

swap directly in polycoin swap dex

MCWallet cover
Polycoin Dashboard Multichain Wallet

Simple online interface to access blockchains BTC, ETH. Store, send, receive cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, tokens...) without installation

Integrated multichain exchange

Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC20 crypto wallets with 0x and atomic swap exchange.

Farmfactory cover
How to farm Polycoin and other cryptocurrency

No comissions

Passive income

Earn passive income from the Polycoin ecosystem from different assets

DAOfactory cover
How to

Polycoin DAO


Logo, colors, list of assets

NFTsy cover
Polycoin NFT Marketplace

An open source NFT Marketplace with low fees on native listing.

Low fees

a web3-native NFT order book protocol with no costs, is now available.

Lotteryfactory cover
How to earn

and EARN 0-30% commission from selling tickets

Admin can edit

Start/Stop lottery, draw winning numbers. Set comission

Launchpad cover
How to use

Use your own token to creating IDO pools. Use native coin (ETH, BNB etc.) to create Token Lockers

Admin can edit

Logo, title, colors, social links, services' fees, admin and fee addresses

Development in progress.

To request, send us your ideas if it is possible we are going to make it

Contact Polycoin support telegram and send request